Mylan said today it would provide a $300 savings card to customers to help cover the cost of a 2-pack.


On Wednesday, Democratic presidential nominee called on Mylan to swiftly and voluntarily lower the EpiPen price. It doubled the limit for eligibility for its patient assistance program, so a family of four making up to $97,200 would pay nothing out of pocket. It originally offered a $100 savings card, according to the New York Times.


Donald Trump said during the Republican primaries he would push for Medicare to be able to renegotiate drug price. “This speaks to the contractual arrangements around Epipen”. At Mylan, according to The Chicago Tribune, Bresch started out at the bottom in a low-level position in quality control in one of the company’s factories, and is now earning a $19 million salary.


Parker had been a paid spokesperson for Mylan in May and spoke to Us Weekly about her 13-year-old son James Wilkie’s life-threatening peanut allergy and revealed that he carried two EpiPens. But EpiPen, introduced in 1987, is so well known that most doctors prescribe it without considering Adrenaclick, and pharmacists can’t substitute that for EpiPen, said Evelyn Hermes-DeSantis, director of drug information services at Rutgers University’s pharmacy school.


Like all drugmakers, Mylan periodically hikes its prices. A complex and opaque system may encourage high prices for drugs, but also doesn’t force the likes of Mylan to jack them up.


This has provoked outrage from some parents who are confronting the higher prices as they buy the product for their children returning to school.


Since 1977, people have relied on EpiPens for symptoms relief, but once Mylan developed the Auto-Injector 30 years later, it made usage easier and more effective. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), and he’s getting slammed on Facebook for his daughter’s actions.


“We are concerned that these drastic price increases could have a serious effect on the health and well-being of every day Americans”, senators Susan Collins and Claire McCaskill told Bresch in a letter.


Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate whether Mylan has violated antitrust laws in its marketing of the EpiPen.


“Congress and the leaders of this country need to quit putting their toe in this topic and really fix the system”. “It’s wrong when drug companies put profits ahead of patients, raising prices without justifying the value behind them”. Instead, the company focused on insurance policies with high deductibles that shift costs to patients.


Earlier this month, Mylan was one of the companies Manchin praised for donating money to help build homes in flood-ravaged West Virginia.