adToken (ADT) is Going to Surge When adChain Launches Next Month

There are more than one cryptocurrency projects trying to tackle the digital advertising space with blockchain technology, but few – if any – are like adToken (ADT). This high-potential platform is launching next month, and it has the power to bring trust and reliability into the online ad market.

adtoken (adt), adchain registry, online advertising, advertisers, publishers

That’s what this network is being developed for, anyhow – it really depends on whether or not it gains traction with adoption after it goes live in April.

So, what is this platform all about, you ask?

What is adToken (ADT)?

This cryptocurrency is a voting-power coin that powers a decentralized list of trustworthy publishers called the adChain Registry – where advertisers can verify that a potential new deal is being done with a dependable second party.

In order to avoid paying a publisher who ends up not following through with their advertising commitments, this system builds a global registry of people who have followed through in their past deals.

The adToken (ADT) team recently posted a really simplified breakdown of the project, which you can see in the tweet below.

What really sets this coin apart is its unique function in the online advertising ecosystem – especially compared to other cryptocurrencies.

adToken and adChain are different from other ad-based coins

Not only was this coin mentioned as a solid investment by a guest on CNBC’s FastMoney today, this project has a lot going for it that sets it apart from other blockchain-based platforms in the online advertising world.

Most other ventures out there, such as AdEx (ADX), are working on decentralized marketplaces where publishers and advertisers meet. The idea – which is also the point of Adshares (ADST) – is to create a more transparent alternative to the centralized intermediaries that charge too much money.

Meanwhile, adToken (ADT) is more of a complementary network to these solutions. It is a registry that even large corporations can use to weed out untrustworthy publishers in large pools instantly.

adtoken (adt), adchain registry, online advertising, advertisers, publishers

It has a lot of potential and can pretty much eliminate fraud in the online ad space.

As a blog, we would love to be quickly verifiable to advertisers using our past relationships with other advertisers – it would clear up any doubt and probably land us more ad deals at the end of the day.

That’s why we see the utility of this token driving its price up soon after the platform goes live.

Are there any other bloggers or advertisers here? What do you guys think?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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