Ambrosus (AMB): The Crypto Coin that Tracks our Food & Pharma Quality

Ambrosus (AMB) – whose coins are technically called Amber (AMB) – is a rising altcoin that is addressing a rapidly growing market: supply chain management via smart sensor technology. Not to be confused with AmberCoin (AMBER), the AMB token is now the 145th most valuable crypto coin on the worldwide market.

This blockchain-based supply chain management network is similar to VeChain (VEN), except that Ambrosus (AMB) is focused on food and medicine. VeChain (soon to be VeChain Thor, by the way), is more geared toward the luxury goods market.

This coin is surging today, having gained about 28% in just the past 24 hours – and 45% in the past week. This has been a welcome piece of good news for AMB holders, because this coin was trading higher than $1.00 a few weeks ago (it’s at about 77 cents right now) and it has slipped down to as low as $0.41 this month.

Ambrosus (AMB) has a catalyst in a couple days

On Wednesday, February 21, this blockchain venture will be making its updated roadmap public – so we will get a new glimpse into what the future holds for this supply chain token.

To commemorate the release of its roadmap, it is even holding a giveaway. When that roadmap gets released, you can probably expect this coin’s price to get a little kick – assuming that they drop some sort of meaningful announcement via the updated business plan.

And, especially since this coin just got added to HitBTC a couple days ago, this currency is easier than ever to buy. Oh, and it got added to CoinRail (a South Korean crypto exchange) earlier today:

This is one of those crypto projects that’s actually useful

Perhaps what is driving so many people to invest in this coin, other than the fact that it was started by a co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), is that its use case could actually make our society a little more efficient. Our lives as consumers would benefit from a system in which we have guaranteed security of our food and medicine’s quality and origin.

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Especially in today’s consumer culture, companies need to compete more than ever before to provide authentic products that consumers can rely on.

Do you think this platform will be a hit when it eventually launches?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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