Ardor (ARDR): The Best Performing Top-25 Altcoin Today

If you’ve taken a look at the highest-valued cryptocurrencies today, you’ve probably noticed that most of them have seen their prices sink in the past 24 hours – with the exception of a select few altcoins. Currently up 21.25 percent compared to the same time yesterday, Ardor (ARDR) is having the best day so far among the most valuable coins.

According to, Ardor (ARDR) has risen by 69.8 percent in the past seven days. In the last month, it’s managed to skyrocket a whopping 517 percent higher – quadrupling its value for those who bought in toward the end of November.

But not that many cryptocurrency investors really know what Ardor is – and what kind of blockchain technology it uses.

What is Ardor (ARDR) Anyhow?

This coin is being categorized as one of the new “cryptocurrencies 2.0” – meaning it’s a blockchain-as-a-service (baas) platform. Using the NXT (NXT) blockchain as a foundation, other “child chains” can be created with Ardor (ARDR).

But all the processing necessary for child chains will still happen on the main Ardor (ARDR) parent chain – new child chain builders won’t need to be concerned about developing an entire blockchain from scratch and common problems that pop up along the way.

It seems like blockchain-as-a-service potential in the entire industry is surging, and Ardor is certainly one of the most successful when it comes to trading this week.

The author of this article does not own any of the assets mentioned above.

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