Best Cryptocurrency for 2018: Here are Our Top 4 Coin Picks

Even if there are people running around warning us about the impending crash of the “bitcoin bubble,” there’s just one thing that makes it very easy to ignore all that commotion: the crazy amount of growth we witnessed last year. The cryptocurrency market skyrocketed in 2017. The massive growth has made a lot of investors filthy rich in a very short amount of time. We already know how every coin performed last year. Now, every investor wants to know: what will be the best cryptocurrency for 2018?

Compared to a year ago, the two top-dog currencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) soared in value to generate 1,616% and 12,570% in gains, respectively. But it really wasn’t Bitcoin or Ethereum that stole the show in 2017 – it was the altcoins. Alternatives to BTC and ETH were what caught fire last year (and have the most potential to remain hot in 2018).

Don’t get us wrong, we love Bitcoin and Ethereum – but wouldn’t you rather bet on the next Bitcoin or Ethereum? We’ve all heard the stories of the Bitcoin Millionaires and Bitcoin Billionaires (Winklevoss Twins, anyone?). What will be the next cryptocurrency to spit out staggering gains like those ones? Which will be the best cryptocurrency for 2018?

They are probably already out there. There are altcoins on the market right now that are just waiting to gain traction. Somewhere in a crypto exchange is the next rising star cryptocurrency. And somewhere out there is the next Bitcoin, the next Ether, or the next Ripple (XRP).

We hope that you can be one of the investors that picks the best cryptocurrency for 2018. Actually, we hope you invest in one of the top 10 highest price growers of the year. Here are four strong, high-potential altcoins that we think may be able to pull it off:

CARDANO (ADA): The “Ethereum of Japan” May Be the Next Ethereum in General

Current Price: $0.746

Total Market Value: $19.3 billion

Price gain in the last 30 days: +471%

Why this coin made the list: This blockchain is just a young sprout. It launched a few months ago – but its short time on the market has been very fruitful. Since it was first introduced, Cardano has managed to climb the cryptocurrency rankings until it reached where it stands today: the 5th most valuable coin on the worldwide market.

The blockchain technology behind ADA is constantly compared to Ethereum. In fact, it’s known as the “Ethereum of Japan.” Both protocols enable smart contracts and support ICOs for new cryptocurrencies. The big difference is that Cardano totes itself as being the first cryptocurrency stemming from “science and philosophy.” Rather than being created by a startup or an entrepreneur, ADA was developed by a team of high-level academics and engineers. They really embraced peer-reviewed research, too.

Its platform, however, is still being developed – so there is still a lot to be seen from Cardano. The team behind the technology says that the next step in its product launch roadmap will happen in Q2 2018. Until then, we’ll see what happens to the price of each ADA. It certainly has high potential to become the best cryptocurrency for 2018.

VERGE (XVG) – The Underdog Crypto Coin for 2018

Current Price: $0.158 

Total Market Value: $2.3 billion

Price gain in the last 30 days: +1,412%

Why this coin made the list: Unlike the other three cryptocurrencies on this list, Verge isn’t one of the top 10 most valuable coins. In fact, it is ranked as the 22nd most worldwide when it comes to market value. But this coin boasts very unique and useful technology. Moreover, this cryptocurrency has enjoyed some staggering growth. Early investors in XVG have seen their money skyrocket in recent months.

Verge is an altcoin that offers robust privacy features. The platform uses more than one privacy system (Tor and I2P) to actually achieve completely anonymous transactions. The network uses ring signatures, meaning that every transaction is untraceable. Each transaction is bounced around all over the world, shedding pieces of data and picking up new pieces of data at each point. Nobody can figure out which address the transaction came from. The ledger is completely private.

Yes, there are a ton of other crypto coins that offer anonymous transactions. Verge, however, just launched an update to their system that makes it really stand out from the rest: the Wraith Protocol. With this new technology, users can choose whether or not they want each transaction to be anonymous. Every time they set up a new fund transfer, it will be an option – an on-demand privacy feature.

IOTA (MIOTA) – The Best Cryptocurrency for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Current Price: $3.62

Total Market Value: $10.1 billion

Price gain in the last 30 days: -15.6%

Why this coin made the list: Don’t let IOTA’s price drop last month fool you – this coin was trading at $0.25 during the summer. It has enjoyed some unbelievable growth.

This cryptocurrency certainly gets a lot of draw for its futuristic vision. People are really attracted to the idea behind IOTA (MIOTA). IOTA itself doesn’t stand for the Internet of Things (IoT) – it actually refers to the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet. But it does embrace the IoT, and it is setting itself up to be the go-to cryptocurrency for communications and payments between connected devices.

In the not-too-distant future, there will be machine-to-machine transactions. As the IoT blossoms more and more, our cars, refrigerators and wrist watches will all be talking to each other – as well as buying from each other. IOTA wants to be the staple cryptocurrency for this new type of network, or the “backbone of the IoT” (as it says on its website).

On top of all that, IOTA was developed to have zero trading fees. Oh, there are also no blocks – or miners. Mining and block verification is not how this system works. Every IOTA user who completes a transaction actually gives their processing power to the network, which is channeled to validate two other transactions. So, in a way, every IOTA holder is mining.

So, this currency is free to use, it has infinite scalability, and it also plans on offering offline transactions. The potential here is pretty undeniable. Could this be the best cryptocurrency for 2018?

EOS (EOS): Another Ethereum (ETH) Challenger, But Still in Its Very Beginnings

Current Price: $15.24

Total Market Value: $9.1 billion

Price gain in the last 30 days: +134%

Why this coin made the list: There are several altcoins that pose a threat to the dominance of Ethereum (ETH). When it comes to cryptocurrencies that enable smart contracts and support new ICOs, it’s simply the most valuable coin. But EOS is one of those coins that actually could topple the reign of ETH. It’s already the 10th most valuable coin globally.

EOS is essentially the same type of blockchain technology as Ethereum. They both support decentralized applications (dApps), and they are tradeable currencies that serve as stores of value. But EOS offers two very important advantages: it will be able to handle over 100.000 transactions per second, and there are no fees for those transactions.

Just those two differences alone could have ETH supporters running to EOS. But that all has yet to be seen – EOS is still in the midst of its year-long ICO. But, if everything goes the way that EOS is hoping for, this coin may make us forget what Ethereum ever was in the first place.

In Your Search for the Best Cryptocurrency for 2018, Do Your Homework

Sure, these four coins all have massive growth potential (and growth histories). But did you really make a connection with the ideas or technology behind these currencies? After all, you are investing in a unit of value, but that coin is bolstered by some pretty impressive tech. It’s the kind of stuff that could really improve our lives.

So, when you go to invest in cryptocurrencies, you have an awesome opportunity to put your money into something that’s forward-thinking, unique, and something that looks like a glimpse into the future. When picking a coin, yes you can focus on the price growth, trading volumes, etc.

But investing in technology you truly believe in is something else. Put your money into systems that you would want integrated into your lifestyle. Take EVERYTHING into consideration, do your research, and make sure you check out other altcoins that aren’t on this (very short) list. You may end up choosing the best cryptocurrency for 2018 – who knows.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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