BGX (BGX) is Democratizing the Mobile Game Development Sector

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The mobile gaming sector is doing extremely well, with almost 2 billion people playing game apps on their devices. In fact, the market overall is expected to balloon up to $60 billion by 2020, which is the size of the entire economy of Uruguay.

But, unfortunately, mobile game developers aren’t getting as much of this wealth creation as they should be getting. The current market is firmly controlled by a small number of mobile app stores that dominate different markets around the world. Power players in the industry are siphoning the profits from small-time mobile game developers – who pretty much have no choice but to put their games on the most dominant app marketplaces in their region.

But with that consumer access comes a big price tag. This small group of corporate, centralized app stores are controlled by tech giants, and they take as much as 30% of each developer’s profits away from them in exchange for putting their apps on the marketplace. It’s a revenue division that’s unfairly skewed away from the people making games. It’s probably why the vast majority (80%) of mobile game developers don’t generate enough money to keep their businesses afloat.

Now, though, there’s a blockchain-based platform called BGX that’s seeking to change that.

With blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, BGX is putting more control into developers’ hands

The team behind BGX, which is launching its token sale in just over three weeks from now, has been working on a solution that will help make the lives of mobile game app developers much easier.

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BGX, which is also the name of the platform’s ERC20 token, will allow developers to launch game apps for both iOS and Android systems – and it will charge about a third of what developers pay currently (just 10%).

It also has a whole suite of tools that mobile game developers can use to make the most profit possible. I can explain it, but this video does it much better:

The artificial intelligence (AI) neural network built into this network is what helps prevent fraud and control cheating – while also

BGX token holders get to be automatically part of a revenue sharing club, where 60% of all commissions on the network get redistributed back to coin owners. Actually, the BGX token has multiple functions that it serves:

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You can read more about it in this project’s official whitepaper, which goes into extreme detail on how the network functions.

BGX actually has a pretty good shot at unseating Google and Apple from their app store dominance

The tech behind this processing platform is also pretty hefty. Even though it was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, the BGX network can handle way more transactions per second – 4,000 to be precise. It does so via a hybrid off-chain transaction processing method.

The other tools that this platform offers, like ways for developers to promote their games with ads and tournaments, decentralized application distribution, and the security of the blockchain, aren’t offered by corporate app stores – and this network will come at a fraction of the cost.

Game developers are already enthusiastic about signing on to work with BGX:

This ICO has a lot of potential, and you guys can check out more of the in-depth information on the token sale website: The whitelist doesn’t open until April 3rd.

You can also check out this coin’s Telegram group here.

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