Dragonchain (DRGN) is Where All the Hot ICOs Are Launching

There is a new smart contract-enabling blockchain platform on the block – and it’s called Dragonchain (DRGN). This coin only launched about two months ago, but it is quickly rising the ranks. Its price has gained 233% in the past month, driving this currency to be the 44th most valuable coin on the worldwide market.

What is Dragonchain (DRGN)?

Honestly, these days it feels like blockchain-based platforms that support the launch of new cryptocurrencies are a dime a dozen these days. From top dogs like Ethereum (ETH) and Cardano (ADA) to rising star altcoins like EOS (EOS) and VeChain (VEN), there are a ton of really robust systems that startups can use to hold an ICO.

dragonchain (DRGN) dragonchain ico

The Dragonchain coin is yet another one of these things. But this coin offers a few advantages that are getting cryptocurrency investors particularly excited – and it’s not the fact that this con originated inside Disney.

A Dragonchain ICO is easier than an ERC20 ICO

The point of this blockchain platform is to act as an incubator for start-ups that enter the cryptocurrency space. Dragonchain wants to make is easy for any non-tech-savvy user to easily be able to launch a crypto coin.

Whether clients want to monetize one of their services by tokenizing it, or if they think that a blockchain-based solution will better serve their customers, this platform is a “turn-key” solution they can use to do so.

What makes it easier and more flexible than its peers is the fact that smart contracts can be constructed on this system in common programming languages: Java, Python, Node and C#. It also enables access to Amazon Web Services.

Two ICOs have already launched on this young platform

There have already been two organizations to use the Dragonchain ICO solution and launched their own tokens. The first one was called Metropolis, and it has been getting a lot of buzz:

The second one was LookLateral:

With so much flexibility, this incubator is bound to pop out a bunch of new and unique tokens that serve a variety of purposes.

Which Dragonchain ICO will launch next?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. I think dragonchain is a great hybrid blockchain and I agree it will have some great projects but please spell check and get your facts right. Look lateral was first. And the slumber score is worth mentioning for drgn holders. Thanks.

  2. Definitely I support Dragonchain and the projects it will launch as a hybrid. I like that it was originated within Disney as a private blockchain since 2014 and that it has converted to become a separate entity so as to become a platform for other fortune 100 companies to secure their private IP.

    ICOs are just a portion of what makes Dragonchain unique in the marketplace.
    The DSS or Dragon Slumber Score is a unique element in that holding DRGN will allow for a score to climb over time and over quantity of DRGN tokens held. This will allow for discounted purchases on ICOs to be released on the platform. It is a significant reason that DRGN tokens will increase in value over time.


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