Electroneum (ETN): Ramping Up to Mass Mobile Adoption Worldwide

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile-based cryptocurrency venture that’s setting out to realistically get its technology into the hands of the masses. It’s essentially a smartphone app where users can easily buy, send and receive crypto coins – on top of earning ETN coins by easily mining on your mobile device. Its mobile payments are also being developed with the developing world’s needs in mind.

This organization has already signed agreements with global mobile networks, and its legitimacy in this realm is getting a major boost this week.

Electroneum (ETN) is at the GSMA Mobile World Congress

Electroneum (ETN) is in Barcelona, Spain this week participating in the Mobile World Congress -a big-time event that showcases the most recent happenings in mobile and payments technology. It is run by GSMA, an organization that represents the interests of international mobile operators – and it represents almost 800 operators within its membership.

According to their blog post announcing their participation:

“The Electroneum mobile mining app will allow any user with a smartphone, anywhere in the world, to get involved and begin earning cryptocurrency at the touch of a button. Our team is working on giving these users a way to spend their earnings by partnering with mobile providers, several of whom have already agreed to formally begin the process of accepting ETN as payment for mobile data.”

Not only is Electroneum going to have its own booth, its Chief Executive Officer – Richard Ells – is scheduled to speak and participate in a panel about “Mobile Identity.”

The mobile/payments tech sector is taking Electroneum seriously

This coin, which is trying to put the cryptocurrency market into the hands of anyone who doesn’t understand the tech yet, is clearly being taken very seriously by the mobile and payments technology scene.

What’s the evidence? Electroneum (ETN) is actually the first and only cryptocurrency to ever be accepted as a member of GSMA.

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They’ve also been making deals with operators – giving them access to tens of millions of handset owners. On top of that, its Android mining feature is set to launch this week.

ETN is also (yet another) PayPal threat

Above everything else we’ve just discussed, the Electroneum team is also working on something pretty exciting – something that will help their journey toward mass adoption phenomenally.

They are working, according to their CEO, on a PayPal-esque payments gateway that e-commerce merchants can put directly onto their online stores. According to their roadmap (seen below), it will arrive sometime in Q2.

electroneum (ETN), mobile world congress, GSMA, mobile mining, ETN

With an app, mobile mining, and faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), this coin actually has a pretty decent shot at mass adoption.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. This cryptocurrency has the weakest dev team which has never heard of the word “support”. Lousy wallet support, lousy exchange support. OK, Marketing team is decent, having some good ideas, but so far no actual realization, just pure talking. So many of their ICO holders just gave up on that coin, this fact by itself speaks mountains.
    Anyway, let’s see where Electroneum will be in a few years time… Peace ya’ll!

    • Please provide facts on wallet support considering it was tested by hackerone. If you are talking about the issues with the wallet that occurred on crytopia a few days ago that was crytopias issue. Not Electroneum. I’m not a ico holder! I’m still holding the coin no matter what. If you can’t handle volatility don’t complain. Sounds like you panic sold. Leave crypto for the big boys!

    • Hi Alfred,

      Technology wise the products have matured and improved, I’ve done lots of transfers and they are quite fluid. The bugs with stuck payments seems to be solved, at least for me.

      I tested the mobile mining, it was not paying out much on my older phone, maybe also because my data connection is soo bad, but it was working when I did the Beta test.

      Its been said ETN will be traded on HitBTC and KuCoin but it does not seem to be listed yet. Next.exchange have them but only for people that have next coins, I heard you should be able to pay there with paypal for coins but if thats correct, it does not seem available at the moment.

      Marketing side I am the most happy with them – I acknowledge this is high risk and they need to deliver on certain things but its seems to be moving forward, it seems to be safe and secure, and the upside could be large.

    • @Alfred…..because your poor little self needs an update every hour? Thats right…they are doing what ANY successful business does…working on making deals and furthering the path to mass adoption and not spending their days answering pouty emails/comments from weak hands that want success this minute. I’ve personally sent hundreds of thousands of etn to my wallet from cryptopia. Was slow and troublesome at first, but the last 70K etn that I bought a few days ago flew from cryptopia to my etn wallet very fast and flawlessly. Your right….I cannot wait to see where they will be in a few years because my hands are strong and I LOVE FUD being spread. It only assures me that this project WILL reach the masses. Peace…

  2. Actually, Electroneum is set to take cryptocurrency mass adoption by storm. How is there a better way to connect with the masses than offering free currency to all mobile phone users. There isn’t! Electroneum will rule the mobile crypto space and be a top 5 coin within 2 years. Paypal get out of the way!


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