Introducing SagaCoin (SAGA): A Private & Discrete Global Payment Solution

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sagacoin (SAGA)

“SagaCoin was launched as an open source cryptocurrency on the 3rd of December, 2017. It is a decentralized and secure masternode network project with long term goals. This project’s focus is to create a cryptocurrency that can be accessed by everyone as a global payment platform for developers, investors and the general public as a whole.”

SagaCoin is a global cryptocurrency payment platform designed for worldwide adoption.

  • Block time of 120 seconds – meaning confirmation times are 5x faster than that of Bitcoin.
  • 2MB block size, this allows SagaCoin to carry twice as many transactions in a single block when compared to Bitcoin.
  • Minimal transaction fee of 0.000001 Saga.

These combined features make SagaCoin a robust and secure platform, perfectly adapted for global payment solutions.

What Separates SagaCoin From Other Payment Platforms?

The SagaCoin team researched the most effective ways to expose the public to this project and concluded that plugins for e-commerce platforms like WordPress, Zen Cart, and Magneto would be the most successful. These are in active development with planned release during Q4 2018.

Eventually they will implement atomic swaps, allowing near instant swapping of Saga with any other crypto asset. This will allow users of SagaCoin to accept other cryptocurrency, not only SagaCoin.

True to a decentralized cryptocurrency, SagaCoin is actively developed by a volunteer community team. Motivated to create a successful product above all else, we have no doubts Saga will grow in the coming months.

As SagaCoin is developed by its community, most members choose to remain anonymous. They are based all over the globe, and none of them have intentions to become public figures. They prefer to work in silence, and let the developments behind SagaCoin speak to their success and dedication to the project.

SagaCoin is not just another masternode coin. This team has a very real roadmap with very real ambitions. Masternodes serve a dual purpose of securing the network and taking tokens out of circulation, increasing scarcity.

SagaCoin is a team of 5 members, with a lead developer, blockchain developer, platform developer, graphic designer, and project coordinator:

  • SagaCoin’s lead developer has over 25 years’ experience in programming, from coding low level programming language — assembly language to high level — Visual Basic. Software experience includes working as a team leader in data aggregation and banking systems.
  • Their blockchain developer started his career path in 2014 and has since worked on many crypto projects. He created the rewards system SagaCoin employs.
  • Their Platform developer has 12 years’ experience in programming using multiple platforms, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, PalmOS, SymbianOS. He is very experienced in POS (Point Of Sales) software and created POS app across all of the above mentioned platforms. His core job is to compile and build the SAGA wallet for all the OS platforms.
  • Their graphic designer has 10 years’ experience in commercial graphic design, mainly with websites and advertising.
  • Lastly, their project coordinator has an IT background with nearly 10 years working experience as a Linux system administrator.

With generous staking and masternode rewards it is necessary to put in place a future halving to prevent overabundance of supply. The first halving was estimated to occur during December of 2018 but will actually occur earlier, during September 2018.

You can follow SagaCoin on Twitter, Medium, Discord and Telegram for continuous updates, and be the first to read their new whitepaper!

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SagaCoin Whitepaper

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