Meet Einsteinium (EMC2) – the Rising Crypto Coin Funding Scientific Research

If it isn’t its super-memorable name that caught your attention, it’s probably the fact that Einsteinium (EMC2) is soaring up the cryptocurrency charts – gaining about 40% on a day when the wider market is plunging. Yes, literally all of the top 100 highest-valued coins are in the red today.

Meanwhile, this up-and-coming altcoin is skyrocketing in both its price and volume today – with more than $85 million worth of EMC2 changing hands in the past 24 hours.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Albert Einstein’s birthday is today that this coin’s price is so high, but there are certainly other, more likely possibilities.

So, what is this little-known coin all about?

What sort of cryptocurrency is Einsteinium?

First thing’s first – what’s with that crazy name? If you’re like me, and not much of a chemistry buff, you probably had never heard of this synthetic element. It’s a non-naturally occurring substance that was only discovered as a result of nuclear testing, hence the name “Einsteinium.”

einsteinium (emc2), einstein

So it probably won’t surprise you that this coin is heavily related to scientific research, and truly brings the innovative and research-driven spirit of Albert Einstein into the blockchain world.

The whole point of this cryptocurrency network is to help raise money that aids scientific, technological and philanthropic projects. Part of this venture is a crowdfunding platform, called EMC2Me, where scientific (and other) researchers can raise money to put towards projects that can help the human race as a whole.

einsteinium (emc2), einstein

This coin also has a small mining tax, where 2.0% of every block reward goes to the funding of scientific research – and 0.05% goes to other things like marketing.

Meanwhile, similar to Ethereum (ETH), developers can build crypto applications easily without needing blockchain experience. There will also be a mobile and web wallet, on top of some other features – which you can check out on their roadmap.

An Einsteinium mobile payments/social media app is 2 days away

Perhaps what is boosting this cryptocurrency’s price so high today is the impending release of its social app:

einsteinium (emc2), einstein

It’s called Weeee Cash, and it’s a pretty straightforward messaging app. Within the program, users can send fun gifts to each other with coin values attached to them. They can also send physical gifts or EMC2 coins.

With this launch on its way, it’s not surprising that investors are getting a little excited about the future of this project.

Is this an app you guys would use?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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