Metal (MTL): MetalPay is Launching Soon and Venmo Should be Worried

Metal (MTL) is one of a select group of cryptocurrency projects that fall into a very special category: products that will actually be useful, in demand, and will help get digital currency closer to mass adoption. Coins like Status (SNT) and UTRUST (UTK) are definitely included in this club, because they are building apps that regular folks can easily use – and they’ll actually want to use to. That’s what the team behind the Metal coin is doing, with a soon-to-launch app called MetalPay that could certainly pose a threat to the market dominance of Venmo.

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It is expected to be introduced slowly, state-by-state (sort of like how Coinbase launched) beginning over the next two months or so – but, sorry, there’s no exact dates. Thanks to this Reddit user who’s response is at the top of this thread for those launch timeline details.

The Metal Coin App is like a sleeker Venmo

I don’t want to sound like a spoiled member of modern society, but the Metal coin app has a really clean and simple user interface that looks a lot better than Venmo. I feel like we should all be incredibly grateful to Venmo and what the app has done for society (basically free of charge, too) – but in this capitalistic world, the newest, cutest and most useful thing is going to win over consumers.

venmo, metal (mtl), metal coin, metal

Yes, it looks really easy to use and has an attractive app style – but that really isn’t the coolest thing about the Metal (MTL) app, or what makes it better than Venmo.

Metal (MTL) will be Venmo + crypto – minus the volatility

Like Venmo, the Metal (MTL) app will support your accounts at all the big banks. These are the ones it says will work on the MetalPay app, just like how you can link your bank account to Venmo:

venmo, metal (mtl), metal coin, metal

But, hands-down the best thing about this app is the fact that your metal coin transactions can be instantly converted to fiat – which takes away any concern related to the volatility in the digital currency market. Users won’t have to worry about their Metal coin supply dropping 30% in value overnight, because it will already be in fiat form – possibly already in your bank account.

Would you guys download this app?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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