Microsoft Azure 70-532 Certification – The Huge Platform For IT Professionals

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Microsoft is known for various technological developments – from electronics to computer software. It facilitates innovation and invention in various ways. One of them is by certifying individuals in developing Microsoft solutions through their s70-532 certification exam. This certification exam awards the candidates with a Microsoft specialist certification after completing the exam successfully. The Microsoft 70-532 exam is designed to earn the individuals with MCSA, MCSE, MCP, and MCSD certifications. The exam is based on current technology updates. Microsoft training is also based on market analysis so that the graduates will always have a privilege of understanding how to respond to real-world entities.

Certifying Exam questions

The exam structure is professionally set after a keen analysis of the growth of some important concepts related to the Azure platform. It is easy to translate the exam requirements to the real world because the Microsoft exam setting is always being updated. Based on the curriculum content, Microsoft exam specialists have come up with a unique percentage distribution of the topics as follows:

  • Creation and Management of Azure Virtual Machines (20-25%)
  • Design and Implementation of Storage as well as Data Strategy (25-30%)
  • Management of Identity, Network, and Application (10-15%)
  • Implement Azure Compute, Mobile, and Web Services (35-40%)

Why the 70-532 Exam

The Microsoft 70-532 exam is not only interested in certifying professionals, but it’s also concerned about ensuring that the professionals have received an in-depth knowledge of the main topics that ought to have been covered. It is the big reason why getting certified is an added advantage in the field. The candidate should demonstrate the paramount understanding of the following key concepts:

  • The Azure virtual machine on a Windows and Linux VMware.
  • PowerShell script design in Azure Platform.
  • Virtual-Machine scale setting and implementation techniques.
  • Azure storage implementation using tables and queues.
  • Azure SQL database design and code connectivity.
  • Development of overwhelming case studies related to Azure.

Key Requirements for Certification

The first requirement for the candidate is to have an active subscription to Microsoft Azure before doing this exam – regardless of the type of the subscription. You can choose either the free or the paid subscription from Microsoft Azure.

Secondly, the desire and excitement to learn the constantly growing cloud Azure platform are highly considered because it always boosts your morale. The candidate should always be ready to apply any updated information during the exam.

Lastly, the exam needs the candidate to have known the various programming languages that support the development of Azure before doing the exam. Sometimes, you might be required to give a sample code for using your best programming language.

Our Favorite Audience

The exam targets everyone who is interested in receiving a Microsoft certificate. The candidate will only need to have gone through the respective training courses in order to manage to pass this complex Microsoft 70-532 exam.

Microsoft developers who are always updated on the new inventions are part of the audience for this course. So long as they go through the training material to ensure that he/she is familiar with the content.

How to Fight for the Limited Success

Since this exam is no joke and individuals need to pass highly, it is necessary that the candidates take time to prepare. The preparation is not the amount of work we study but the way we study matters a lot in any IT certification exam. The step by step encounter with this exam has made me come up with a procedural guideline that enhanced my skills of tackling the exam. I submit to you the same techniques I applied as follows:

  • Always ensure that you have the curriculum content at your fingertips. Remember that this is an IT exam and we usually encounter several applications of our learning in the day to day activities. Being conversant with the content can make you to easily realize its application in our daily tasks like browsing, gaming.
  • It’s important to always run the sample code and see the output yourself rather than reading theoretically. IT certification needs to be practiced repeatedly and repeatedly.
  • Learn through imagination because some aspects of IT are abstract and hence you cannot be able to quantify them at all cost. This will need you to be a creative thinker in order to implement whatever it will be needed in the real-world scenarios.
  • Do not learn while you are not comfortable, it serves you no good. Study in a noise-free environment because the concepts need a lot of concentration. If you are staying in an industrial area, you can opt to study after midnight when most of the activities are put to rest.
  • Though the video courses allow features like skipping and forwarding, I strongly advise you to never skip any video however easy it may seem. Some content might be carrying the key understanding of a preceding topic.
  • Finally, I assure you that there is power in positive thinking. Always believe that you are going have a stunning performance like never before. It really boosts your self-esteem.

Where to Train Effectively

There are several platforms offering the training of Microsoft exam. It is necessary for a candidate to use various training. Every training uniquely expresses its concepts based to enhance the performance of the exam.

Actual Exam Reflection

After completing the training course, you always need to test your strength and prove to yourself whether you are fit for exam or not. The practice tests are always available for you online. Where should you get the quality preparation test to polish your learning? Here Examcollection is one of the popular websites that the individuals have used and pass the complex exam:


The most trending technology inventions are what we are expected to apply in this exam. Every candidate who always remain updated passes70-532 Microsoft exam without any doubt. The important thing is to always visualize your learning to be adjacent to the real technology innovations.

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