NEO (NEO) and Gas (GAS) are Coming to Cobinhood (COB) on Friday

When it comes to platforms where companies can launch their very own decentralized applications (dApps), the market is pretty crowded. There are a ton of organizations trying to build the next top dApp network – a throne that’s currently being held by Ethereum, and it will probably remain that way for the foreseeable future.

In the running to replace Ethereum (ETH) and its dApp-supporting dominance are a number of highly promising cryptocurrencies, including Stellar (XLM), Cardano (ADA), Nano (NAN) and NEO (NEO) – which is hitting Cobinhood in less than two days.

NEO and GAS are about to get listed on Cobinhood (COB)

Cobinhood is one of those cryptocurrencies on the market that’s been endorsed by a celebrity – but this one didn’t end up being a scam. This coin is the official token of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (the first one in history to offer zero fees, actually).

This exchange is pretty new compared to many of its rivals, but the market has been happy to welcome it.

Anyway, Cobinhood is gradually adding more and more cryptocurrencies to its exchange – and NEO (NEO) and GAS (GAS) have recently been added to the growing list. These two coins, which both power the NEO network, will be added to this decentralized exchange in less than two days.

Things are looking up in general for NEO (NEO)

NEO (NEO) is already a strong contender in the “who’s going to be the next Ethereum?” race – and it already has a functioning product, unlike EOS (EOS) and TRON (TRX). In fact, Reputaction recently wrote an entire article about why their team chose to launch their dApp on NEO (NEO) over Ethereum, Cardano and ICON. It’s a pretty good read.

Do you guys think NEO will be able to outshine coins like NANO or Dragonchain in the near term?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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