Ontology (ONT) Just Released its 1st Phase Dev Plans for the World to See

Today is a big day for Ontology (ONT), which is pretty clear if you just look at the crypto exchanges. Out of the top 100 coins on the market, this one is the highest gainer – having added about 12% to its price tag in the past 24 hours. A solid $70 million worth of ONT has changed hands in the same amount of time, too.

ontology (ont)


So, why is everyone so excited about this digital currency?

Ontology (ONT) just showed us, in detail, what it’s working on

Today, the team behind Ontology (ONT) released a super in-depth open letter to their technology community – the developers that will work on this open-source code (that was just released on GitHub about 3 hours ago).

The open letter is a very good read – if you are a developer I encourage you to check it out. If not, then a lot of the language won’t mean that much. But any reader can discern some of the cool things they are working on, like preparing for cross-chain operability, a modular smart contract mechanism, WASM Virtual Machine, etc.

The point of the open letter and releasing their open source code on GitHub was to get their tech community started – and excited.

On top of that Ontology (ONT) just hit some new exchanges

Another reason why this coin is surging is the fact that it just got added to a couple of very popular exchanges, including Huobi Pro Korea:

ontology (ont)

On top of that, according to this Reddit user, Kucoin is also listing Ontology (ONT) on their crypto exchange. Two new exchanges within a couple of days of each other is a fantastic piece of news, especially for HODLERS of this coin.

Now, we are keeping our eyes out for when Ontology (ONT) announces its 12 partners.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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