Oyster (PRL): How to Get the New Oyster Shell (SHL) Coins for Free

Oyster (PRL) just dropped another pearl of news today, and it is very exciting for both holders of this token and owners of IOTA (MIOTA) – which is the platform where PRL coins were launched in the first place. This file storage cryptocurrency platform teased us a week and a half ago with the first announcement of an upcoming airdrop of its soon-to-be issued oyster coins – the Oyster Shell (SHL) coin:

As they originally promised, just an hour or so ago we were given a full-blown whitepaper for this new cryptocurrency that will also function within the PRL coin network.

Now, with so many details as to how this coin will fit into the Pearl coin anonymous file storage ecosystem, investors are getting even more excited about this coin.

So, what is the Oyster Shell (SHL) coin going to do?

Much like NEO (NEO) and GAS (GAS), the Oyster Protocol will soon have two different coins that help the network function – and they each play their own roles.

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Here is how the team behind this platform describes the difference:

“Shells are used to pay for connectivity and Dapp operation across the Oyster meshnet, whilst Pearls are used for static data retention on the tangle. Shell is not pegged to storage like how Pearl is. In the future you will be able to use Shells to access the decentralized web, connectivity that entirely bypasses ISPs and centralized infrastructure.”

When will the new Oyster coin drop?

The airdrop is still a bit away – it isn’t until April 6th. At that time, each PRL holder will get SHL coins on a 1-to-1 basis. At the time of writing, the only exchange that will support the airdrop will be KuCoin.

“We recommend, for the time being, that PRL holders who want to receive SHL tokens during the Airdrop should store their PRLs in a personal wallet, not an exchange wallet.”

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Investors are bound to stock up on their PRL coins before the airdrop – which should be an additional boost to this cryptocurrency’s price tag.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


  1. Hey Stephanie, where did you see that Kucoin is honoring the airdrop? Thanks for the article! Just hoping to find another source; I haven’t seen it mentioned yet elsewhere.


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