Poised to Breakout, Ripple (XRP) Is Back Over $1.00

Ripple (XRP) has long been one of our favorite altcoins in the cryptocurrency space, and its performance in the past week has reinforced this digital coin’s reputation for resilience. Like most top-valued cryptocurrencies on the market, Ripple’s week has been volatile – quickly rising to $1.31 on Thursday (a new peak) before immediately sinking down to 81 cents.

Since then, Ripple’s price has bounced around between $1.00 and $1.20 – and is currently sitting at $1.07. That means that its one-week gain is still 39 percent, which isn’t too shabby. Looking back at the past month, on the other hand, this coin has grown a stunning 323 percent. Wondering about the last year of growth? It’s been nearly 17,000 percent!

Will Ripple (XRP) Maintain Its Popularity?

This particular cryptocurrency has managed to scratch and claw its way into the top-five most valuable coins, currently in fourth place behind Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). At $1.07 per unit of XRP, Ripple is worth roughly $41.3 billion at the time of writing on Monday.

The next closest crypto-coin, in terms of market capitalization, is Litecoin (LTC) – which is worth just under $15 billion.

While a lot of cryptocurrency investors have been skeptical about Ripple (XRP) and its growth potential, there is one major milestone that it’s hit in the past week – giving digital currency enthusiasts a boost of confidence. That milestone is the $1.00 mark, which Ripple just surpassed on Thursday.

We are definitely keeping our eyes on this coin for the next few weeks.

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