Revain (R): Non-Stop Price Growth While Other Coins Keep Dipping

Revain (R) has largely been immune to the cryptocurrency market turmoil that has plagued the industry since the beginning of the year. In the past 30 days, this coin has managed to add 147.5% to its price – now it’s at $2.81. On Thanksgiving, it was only worth about 20 cents. But, more importantly, the Revain coin has been able to succeed where top coins have failed during the market downturn and actually generate gains for its investors recently.

Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), for instance, have sunk 38% lower in the same period of time. Meanwhile, rising altcoins like Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) have dropped 29% and 39%, respectively. According to CoinMarketCap, the entire crypto space has declined in value by about 40% in the past month.

So, why has the R coin been able to survive?

Revain (R) is a growing review platform

As we mentioned a couple weeks ago when we first profiled this crypto coin, this blockchain-based system is like Yelp for the crypto world – a decentralized review platform. Much like a lot of crypto applications, users on this system can earn rewards by interacting with it. If you give reviews, you can earn rewards.

revain (r), revain, revain coin

It just launched at the end of last month, so the reviews are still accumulating – but they have been adding projects. This tweet was from earlier today:

This app is becoming a go-to for people to rate and review blockchain-based projects and you can already go check some reviews out on the dashboard they’ve set up.

The Revain coin is growing its currency footprint

The Revain coin is already available on a number of exchanges, including EtherDelta, KuCoin and YoBit. But, just in the past couple of days, this digital currency has been added to OkEx – which is the top exchange today (by volume) on CoinMarketCap.

That’s a huge deal, and has probably been a boon to this coin’s price tag. But, even though this coin is now happily tradable on OkEx, it appears as though its fans and investors would much prefer it become available on Binance (which was the 2nd highest volume exchange today).

Apart from exchanges, it also just got added to a new wallet called Bitpie – which is extremely popular in China.

There’s much more to come for this coin

During the current quarter, Q1, the team behind Revain will be adding projects to the dashboard (which they have been doing) and translating the system into more languages. Next quarter, a mobile app will finally be available – and an artificial intelligence (AI) analytical system will also be built.

Check out their roadmap below, or at their site.

revain (r), revain, revain coin

We imagine that many of these events will be further boosts to this coin’s price tag.

Have you guys posted reviews on this system yet?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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