The Genesis Vision (GVT) Test Platform is Out & the Reviews are Solid

Genesis Vision (GVT) started trading back in November, and it has a packed 2018 full of software releases leading up to its app release near the end of the year. Today, however, is a pretty early step in that journey – but a big one for the progress of this cryptocurrency. It wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, either, because I checked.

Anyway, today is the release of this platform’s Alpha version, which people can now download and play around with:

genesis vision (gvt)

It’s a far cry from an active, usable product, but it’s giving potential users a look at what this app is going to feel like once it’s out – and the feedback on social media has been pretty good so far.

But, first, a reminder of what this blockchain-based platform is all about.

What is Genesis Vision (GVT)?

Genesis Vision (GVT) is an upcoming blockchain network that’s geared toward the financial sector. Specifically, it’s the very first platform built for the private trust management market using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

This is how they describe it in their whitepaper:

“We unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. This will allow successful traders to rapidly scale their trading strategies by attracting investments from around the world. The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and absolutely transparent system for investment and profit distribution. The Genesis Vision platform is the solution for the most crucial industry problems, such as limitedness due to the lack of information, lack of transparency and, consequently, lack of trust.”

genesis vision (gvt)

The platform they’re talking about is making its first rounds today, thanks to the testnet release – and a lot of the users who have checked it out are saying really good things.

The Genesis Vision (GVT) Alpha release is getting good reviews

Just by perusing around Twitter and Reddit, you can see that the overall Genesis Vision (GVT) community is saying that the app looks good:

genesis vision (gvt)

genesis vision (gvt)

Now they just need to wait for the actual app to go live and have some real functionality, which – according to their roadmap – won’t happen until closer to the end of 2018.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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