The Growing Cryptocurrency Trader Population Could Make XchangeRate Tokens the Most Sought-After ICO in 2018

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With the current buzz around crypto trading there has been a surge in registrations on cryptocurrency exchanges all around the world.

Bittrex and Binance, for example, recorded a massive 2 million registrations within a week in early December 2017. It became, however, so gross that some exchanges closed their doors to new registrations. With this trend, identifying the market needs will require closing the knowledge gap for these new traders to understand price movements in the crypto market.

Being a highly volatile market requires skills in technical analysis and fundamental analysis to be able to predict the market correctly – or else funds will be lost.

Addressing this global problem is ThinkAI Inc., an Artificial Intelligence & Software Development team that’s making a great attempt which is believed to be taking the world by storm. Early results have left testers and subscribers in awe on the strides the company has made in this direction within such a short time frame, by creating an ecosystem which benefits both investors and traders.

A demonstration of the bot shows the team’s readiness to raise the bar even further in cryptocurrency trading augmented intelligence. The ThinkAI’s Chief Software Architect, Peter Moradeyo – in an interview with the President of the Indian Blockchain Council at the recently-concluded World Blockchain Conference – Dubia reveals that a trading bot developed by traders will remain one of the marvels of the cryptospace.

The project is now closing the knowledge gap that exists between new entrants while providing high ROI for backers for the new XRR tokens, launched by the XchangeRate project.

The ecosystem is designed to allow for the distribution of 250 million tokens among backers while limiting access to the three platforms using only XRR tokens – an ERC20 smart token and with a fast-growing rate of subscribers around the platform. There is a massive expectation around the Pre-ICO that was recently launched on that gives early backers a whopping 30% off the ICO, which will start after the Pre-ICO (which is currently ongoing).

“Investors have something to look out for,” said one of the 16,400 followers on telegram channel. Token Holders will be the only supplier of currency to the subscriber base when the token launches on several exchanges in June 2018. Another subscriber said: “A good strategy to ensure holders will have coins that will be constantly in demand.”

It was recently announced on their social media channels that traders are allowed to test the platforms in their current developing stage. Investors and subscribers have long welcomed the new player as one to look out for in the cryptospace.

XchangeRate Robot is now inviting initial backers to take part in the ICO sale.

About XchangeRate Robot

XchangeRate was designed by a team of experts with a unique blend of day trading and Augmented Intelligence AI development skills. It started as an in-house tool secretly carved for personal use (initially known as Coin Monitoring Board), which grew to an enterprise solution for in-house massive trade volumes. The team later formed a company name Think AI Inc. in Victoria, Seychelles to give access to the tool that has continued to win users appeal because of its ease of use and friendly learning curve. It was called XchangeRate, launched in the first quarter 2017 because of its scalability and the ability to compare all the coin on an exchange based on a metric, a never before seen feature on any tool before it.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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