Request Network (REQ) is Mightily Expanding its eCommerce Presence

Request Network (REQ) is having a really good day, thanks to a few positive pieces of news they put out earlier regarding the progress they’re making with getting their payment portal closer to mass adoption:

Yes, this payment portal just received a warm welcome onto two very important and widely-used online networks. People call REQ the “next PayPal” because it offers lower fees and decentralized ledger technology – and it will soon add other coins like BTC and ERC20 tokens.

Let’s take a look at Request Network’s recent positive announcements.

First, the big one – WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the e-commerce portion of WordPress, and a huge number of online retailers use it to sell services and goods on their sites. It’s actually the most-used e-commerce platform on the entire internet.

So, much like how you often see PayPal during the online checkout process, you can now see Request Network (REQ) as an option – and pay using cryptocurrency instead.

I’ll let the WooCommerce announcement explain exactly why it’s better than PayPal:

“Request Network for WooCommerce is an easy way to accept cryptocurrency payments for anyone that is using the WooCommerce shop platform. The plugin has no fees or hidden costs, and allows you to integrate a cryptocurrency payment gateway within your existing eCommerce environment in a few simple steps. Best of all — it’s 100% free!”

Wikimedia also turning to Request Network for their portal

Wikimedia, the organization behind Wikipedia, runs on the hard work and financial donations of people all over the world – as you may already know. That’s how it has become such a widely-used and go-to source of information globally. Now, they will use Request Network (REQ) to accept donations in cryptocurrency.

It will start with the French unit of the organization, who will lead the pilot program.

Apart from these two huge partnership announcements, they also mentioned that Bitcoin (BTC) – which is already live on the testnet – will be deployed onto the real-life platform by the end of May. Eventually, they say that cross-currency transactions will be supported and “people will be able to seamlessly request a payment in whichever currency suits their preference.”

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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