TripBit (TBT) is Making Unused Travel & Event Tickets a Thing of the Past

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The travel industry is unfathomably massive, accounting for a staggering $7.6 trillion worldwide. But, as most of us already know, the travel booking market is full of information, full of options, controlled by centralized corporations, and it’s just a messy place in general. Moreover, current travel agency sites that dominate the market (like Expedia, Orbitz, SkyScanner, etc.) only accept fiat payments, charge somewhat abusive foreign exchange rates – not to mention the double bookings, customers’ time wasted browsing through multiple sites and juggle multiple apps or email correspondence.

That’s why a lot of travelers have been getting more and more excited about what blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency revolution can do for consumers who buy airline tickets, make hotel reservations and buy tickets to events. An upcoming blockchain-based travel app called TripBit (TBT) is about to put all those services into one place – and it’s the first company to ever do so.

What is TripBit (TBT)?

This is one of those platforms that I can see actually being useful for society – and might actually threaten the dominance of the current travel sector power players. That’s because TripBit (TBT) is working on something that looks like most people would happily choose over the status quo.

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It brings hotels, flights, and events into one platform, where users can pay with TribBit Tokens (TBT), fiat currency like US Dollars or Euros, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). Plus, as you can imagine given the fact that it’s a blockchain-based network, the fees are much lower than travelers are being charged nowadays.

Plus, with the benefit of blockchain technology and cloud security, travel can be paid for anonymously without any sort of data getting out to third parties – and make sure that double bookings won’t ever happen. When you proceed through your travel journey, each booking will be confirmed in real-time on the blockchain.

The P2P Reselling Feature is the coolest part

How much money do you think airlines and travel agencies get for cancelled reservations when you can’t get your money back and they get to resell that seat/room to another unsuspecting customer? A lot.

tripbit (tbt), travel, token sale, ico

Now, with TripBit (TBT), we will be able to take our tickets and reservations that we – for whatever reason – can’t follow through on and sell those unwanted goods to another user on the network. With this service on the same platform where you book and manage all your travel-related stuff, this app has a ton of potential for mass adoption.

The TripBit Token (TBT) just launched its pre-sale, and it’s going to stay live for 24 more days – during which time there’s a 35% bonus offered. TrackICO gave this token sale a 4.1/5, which is a very encouraging rating.

tripbit (tbt), travel, token sale, ico

The details about what this platform will offer can be found in the fine print of their whitepaper.

This is their Telegram group.

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