TRON (TRX) and 2 More Rising Coins Under $1 for Your Watchlist

Well, everyone, it would appear as though the cryptocurrency market is back in the swing of things. After multiple days of seeing nothing but 24-hour price drops across the entire sector, several top coins have managed to reverse their luck. It’s especially noticeable when looking at the rankings of highest-value currencies by market cap. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have each made 10% and 11% gains, respectively, in the past 24 hours. But, in reality, it is the hot altcoins that are really stealing the show today – and hot up-and-coming currencies priced under $1.00 are surging. Coins like TRON (TRX), MediBloc (MED), and HelloGold (HGT) are delivering double-digit gains. It’s just like we’re in the first week of January again.

TRON (TRX), the Decentralized Entertainment Startup, Has an 80% Gain

This cryptocurrency is having the best day of these four coins. TRON (TRX), the currency for TRON (a decentralized entertainment content platform), is soaring 80% higher than it was yesterday. At the time of writing, it’s trading at $0.0916.

TRON (TRX) has struggled a bit recently with some messy PR situations. Let’s just say that its founder, Justin Sun, has been doing more harm than good with his Twitter account. In the second week of January, Sun announced a new collaboration with Baofeng – the “Chinese Netflix.” Turns out that tweet was highly misleading. It was a software deal, and had nothing to do with the 200 million Baofeng users.

Then, the TRON (TRX) whitepaper was hit with plagiarism accusations. Prominent Twitter users started calling out copied portions of the text online. The scandal caught fire in the cryptocurrency news world. Just Sun defended the whitepaper, claiming that some translated versions of the (originally Chinese) text missed both important details and references that should’ve been there.

Either way, investors seem to be excited about TRON (TRX) again today. While it’s a little hard to take Justin Sun seriously at this point, maybe this tweet has something to do with the market’s boosted confidence in this coin:

When someone on Twitter asked him who the big-time fund is, he wouldn’t say. According to Sun: “I can’t disclose their name since the investment strategy is very sensitive for the top level fund.”

MediBloc (MED), up 159%, is Decentralizing the Healthcare Sector

MediBlock (MED) is a pretty new coin. It just completed its ICO a month ago. This cryptocurrency is doing spectacularly today, currently up 161% compared to its trading price 24 hours ago. Just look at this wild chart:

tron (trx) medibloc (med) hellogold (HGT)

Now MediBloc (MED) is one of those coins that makes you think – this could really, actually make our lives better. This is one of those cryptocurrencies whose underlying technology has some serious promise. On top of that, it’s a concept that most people can agree on: individuals should have control over their own healthcare data.

MediBloc (MED) is a “decentralized healthcare information ecosystem” that was crafted on blockchain technology. The idea is to construct a connected network that links patients, researchers and healthcare providers. It all centers on privacy an efficiency. With MediBloc’s Digital Healthcare Wallet, patients have their own medical records in their possession.

Imagine every sort of healthcare event or interaction in your life readily available on your phone. With everything connected, too, doctors and hospitals will all save time and money – and avoid redundancies. A system like this could generally make healthcare more effective.

This is an exciting venture, and could take a lot of the pain out of managing our healthcare.

The Golden Child: HelloGold (HGT) is up 77% Today

According to the founder of HelloGold (HGT), which launched last April, there will be a major market crash in the next few years. That’s going to make the price of gold rise. His name is Robin Lee, and he’s the CEO of the HelloGold Foundation as well – on top of being the former CEO of the World Gold Council.

He has created quite an interesting fintech venture in the cryptocurrency space.

The idea behind this project, which is actually an app, is to help regular people have access to gold investments. It allows users to buy 99.99% investment grade gold for as little as 1 Malaysian Ringgit (HelloGold is based in Kuala Lumpur) – that’s just $0.25 USD.

How can you invest in gold with crypto coins? Well, each user can buy GBT coins on the platform. Each GBT coin has the same value as 1g of gold, and it is linked directly to the current price of gold. Just to be safe, the HelloGold Foundation keeps a ton of gold actually stored in a vault. Each GBT coin is fully backed up by a real-life gram of gold, and it is fully insured by the company.

What about HGT tokens? Those aren’t backed up by gold, but owners of HelloGold (HGT) tokens get paid dividends of GBT.

There is a 2% fee for each gold investment and a 2% yearly management fee. The gold is fully allocated, however, putting it in each individual investor’s gold in their hands.

Are you stacking up any gold in preparation for the market crash everyone is warning about?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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