UTRUST (UTK): Mass Adoption Looking Good for this Payments Platform

You guys know how a lot of e-commerce sites offer PayPal payments when you go through the check-out process? It’s a convenient and easy way to pay for stuff without having to re-type credit card numbers or input your banking information – and consumers have certainly been taking advantage of it. As you can imagine, with the rise of the blockchain era, there are cryptocurrency projects working on a payment gateway similar to PayPal’s – UTRUST (UTK) is one of them.

Between Q3 and Q4 2018, the UTRUST platform is going to rollout – meaning that merchants can start accepting live transactions and the wallet web app will be available.

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With all the features this network is offering, there are very good odds that this specific payment gateway will be the easiest for merchants to sign on to.

UTRUST (UTK) is a top contender for payments platforms

UTRUST will offer a lot of cool things that make it superior to other payments gateways in development – and everything that has already launched in this field. It will have full payment protection, low fees, real-time transactions, multiple-currency support, and funds are immediately converted into fiat – making volatility a non-issue for adoption.

There are super low commissions, but if users pay or receive UTK coins, then it’s free of charge.

Also, this happened:

This platform will also be really easy for merchants to add to their e-commerce sites. Overall, it’s a high-potential project.

Timing may be an issue for UTRUST, though

The one thing that is sort of standing in this project’s way is the clock. The UTRUST full-blown platform won’t launch until toward the end of the year. You can see on their roadmap on their site, where it shows that the different rollout events will take place in Q3 and Q4.

utrust (utk), paypal, litecoin, litepay, utrust, utk, payments gateway, payments platform, e-commerce

Between now and then, that leaves a lot of time for other payment gateways to swoop in and become widely-used a number of e-commerce platforms. And they could add features in that period as well, and become on-par with UTK.

2018 is going to be a huge year for platform launches in the crypto market – an UTK is going to have to compete with all of them (a lot of them are about merchant payments). Litecoin’s LitePay just launched, for example

What do you guys think? Will the launch schedule be a hindrance to this payment gateway’s success?

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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