VeChain (VEN): One of the Best Crypto Investments to Make this Quarter

Now that the first quarter of the year has ended, the cryptocurrency market looks completely different than it did when the new year began – things are looking a lot worse, as I’m sure you know. The price of Bitcoin (BTC), for example, is trading at about half of what its price was on the first trading day in January, and pretty much the entire crypto market has followed that general trend.

There have been dips, buys on the dips, recoveries, then nosedives – and this merciless cycle has continued for the past three months or so. That doesn’t so much include VeChain (VEN), though

VeChain (VEN) has been a survivor lately

While the wider crypto market has been in a desperate struggle, VeChain (VEN) has managed to stay afloat. Its price has grown about 14% higher this year-to-date, while most of its rivals’ prices have gone in the red during that stretch of time. But this coin has been in a gradual decline for more than a month, now, and its price has plunged down to a very discounted rate.

VeChain (VEN)

Now is a pretty good opportunity to buy in, considering how much of a low point we’re in – combined with the strength of this technology and some upcoming launch dates for the VeChain (VEN) platform that are slated for the end of the quarter.

This platform is going live in just a couple of months

One of the things that makes this cryptocurrency feel a little bit better than other blockchain-based investments is the fact that VeChain (VEN) was a company with actual, functioning smart chip technology before it was ever a crypto coin. That’s quite an accomplishment in this market, where there are countless blockchain-based ventures that have tradable tokens but no functioning platform to actually use them.

IOTA (MIOTA), for example, is much more valuable than VeChain (VEN) – yet it is a pretty long way away from its mainnet launch. Actually, there isn’t even a set date for pretty much any of IOTA’s big launch events, which is something that is sort of annoying their enthusiastic fanbase.

VEN differentiates itself by having functioning technology that we’ve seen in action:

This coin is also a bit superior to some of its competitors thanks to its solid release date lineup. They are making serious progress on this platform, and we know it – because the full-blown mainnet will be launching on June 30th. On that date, VeChain Thor (VET) tokens will also be launched, and the whole VEN ecosystem will be up and running.

With that event will come new partnerships and companies lining up to integrate the technology into their supply chain operations – and leading up to its release there will probably be announcements of retail companies who have jumped on board.

The next couple of months might bring the crypto market down even further, but VeChain (VEN) might be one of the more stable options – and its price is likely to appreciate significantly before its mainnet launch in the end of June.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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