Waltonchain (WTC) has 2 Very Good Things Going on This Week

As the cryptocurrency market looks like it’s starting to take yet another trip southward, there are at least a few bright spots in the blockchain world. Waltonchain (WTC), for instance, has got two positive events happening this week – which will do wonders for its less-than-perfect reputation and its coin’s price tag (if they manage to pull both of them off).

waltonchain (wtc), freyrchain (frec), airdrop, wtc, mainnet

Alright, let’s get into what these two events are – because one could happen within minutes from me writing this.

First, Waltconchain (WTC) is doing a Freyrchain (FREC) airdrop today

Waltonchain (WTC) works like this: there are child chains (6 to start off with) and a parent chain that links them all together, which is WTC. It will be on the child chains – which will be divided up into industries like agriculture, medical care, etc. – that new applications are launched. The WTC token is needed to run the network infrastructure and for child chains to use in order to function.

It will allow Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain tracking technology to more efficiently operate in each sector of our economy.

Well, at long last, the very first child chain launched on the parent chain’s network earlier this month. This new child chain has a specific sector it will target, and that sector is in the collectibles area. It is called Freyrchain (FREC), and it’s a “collectibles data authentication platform” and the first of its kind.

waltonchain (wtc), freyrchain (frec), airdrop, wtc, mainnet

So, about two weeks ago, the Waltonchain (WTC) announced that it planned to do an airdrop of the recently-born FREC coins – and that airdrop is happening sometime today. They are currently getting it together:

waltonchain (wtc), freyrchain (frec), airdrop, wtc, mainnet

No news at the moment from social media as to whether it happened yet or not – but it’s a lucky score of 4 free FREC coins for every single WTC coin in their wallets (the snapshot was taken about a week ago).

Second, the full-blown mainnet is launching by Saturday

The mainnet launch for Waltonchain (WTC) has always been slated for “March 2018.” Well, March is almost over – and this coin’s investors have been getting impatient (until yesterday). They held an Ask Me Anything (AMA) with its supporters, and obviously one of the questions was about whether or not they were on track:

waltonchain (wtc), freyrchain (frec), airdrop, wtc, mainnet

So, yes, they are confirming that – sometime before Saturday at midnight – this full-blown Waltonchain product will be live.

I’m sure we’ll probably get a warning on Twitter – if they can pull it off on time.

Stay tuned.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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