We Can Now Download the Genesis Vision (GVT) App

Genesis Vision (GVT) is one of those cryptocurrency ventures that makes us really think it has a chance at being successful – because it is one of those blockchain-based projects that we think could actually do human society some good. The platform just went live for download on the Apple App store, so if you have an iOS device you can already play around with the system. Let’s talk about what this means for this crypto coin.

We already know that Genesis Vision (GVT) has an impressive platform

Just as a quick reminder in case you didn’t already know the basics about this coin, Genesis Vision (GVT) is the first platform built for the private trust management market. They are building an ecosystem, backed up by smart contracts, that allows investment experts to sell their own strategies – and the people who make successful systems get rewarded.

How do we already know that this app looks really good? Earlier this month, we talked about how they released the test version of the platform – and the reviews from users that tried it out were overwhelmingly positive.

In less than three weeks, the Genesis Vision (GVT) team has made a ton of improvements from their test version:

  1. Leverage Trading for Managers:
  2. We’ve optimized the dashboard: now only active investments are visible;
  3. We’ve made numerous improvements to the Android and iOS version apps’ stability, all of which have been included in the latest version — now available for download;
  4. Scaling of available tokens has been added;
  5. The ability to show the details of any manager’s program by simply clicking on their picture or photo was added;
  6. In the section “Buying the managers’ tokens”, a number of decimal places were rounded to two;
  7. A function to search for managers by name was added to the iOS and Android applications;
  8. In the web version of the Genesis Vision platform, the sorting of investment programs by name was added;
  9. We’ve added a feature that enables the closing of investment programs;
  10. Numerous miscellaneous improvements, ranging from a function to change or restore a password to the correction of language mistakes.

What do users think of Genesis Vision (GVT) now that the app is downloadable?

So far, the feedback from social media on this freshly-downloadable app is good, at least on Reddit. They still need to add some more things – like “tooltips” and a bunch of ways to make investment managers’ functions more streamlined on the platform.

All that stuff is coming in the “near future” – it will be interesting to see what happens as more and more people download this app.

Disclaimer: This article should not be taken as, and is not intended to provide, investment advice. Please conduct your own thorough research before investing in any cryptocurrency.


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